MGAs and Brokers

Sure MGA Suite

It can be challenging for MGAs to find the right technology to drive processes and enable more business to flow both upstream and downstream, across the wholesale distribution chain. Sure MGA Suite is purpose-built for MGAs and brokers to simplify operations for effective program management, making better, faster underwriting decisions at every step, and supporting automated risk placement across carriers, producers, and policyholders.

Real-Time Trading

Trade in real-time for faster, more accurate quotes and transactions while improving communication and turnaround time with retailers and carriers.

Move with the Market

Quickly take advantage of emerging risks as they happen, and bring new products to market, like cyber, drones, and gig, among others.

Underwriting Control

Guide processes with embedded workflows and prevent underwriting leakage with aggregate review and rules.

Increased Accuracy

Eliminate the need to re-key data into multiple screens. Entering data only one time can significantly reduce errors. 

“Technology is always front of mind as we look to automate and streamline decision-making and operations. We employ the ‘da Vinci Model’ – combining art and science to power best-in-breed underwriting decisions for our clients. Insurity’s partnership with AWS translates to peace of mind for us, ensuring both our security and dependability needs are met.”

Tom Doherty, SVP of Specialty Programs at NIP Group

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