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Competing for capacity requires data and analytics that differentiate your service and strengthen your relationships. Insurity Analytics is the only cloud-native, open data analytics platform in P&C insurance built on a proprietary Data Hub that leverages the $109B in premium Valen Data Consortium and gives you access to 50+ third-party data providers. Empower your decision makers with data-driven insights delivered in the right context at the right time.

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25-40% Faster Speed to Quote

Increase speed to insight and drive growth with robust geospatial analytics, AI-powered predictive models, and the industry’s largest open network of data providers.

50% Faster Risk Assessment

Enable a coherent view of risk by quickly and intuitively exploring correlations among exposures, modeled loss, hazards, claim experience, and third-party data.

0.2% Increase in DWP

Gain real-time, actionable insights and optimize your portfolios for maximum profitability while identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion.

How does Insurity Analytics empower your underwriters to make data-driven decisions?

Learn how Insurity Analytics allows leading P&C insurers, including Frank Winston Crum Insurance, Markel, UBIC, and LUBA Casualty, to make faster, stronger decisions at the underwriting level, helping drive competitiveness, boost profitability, and create a data-first culture.

Our Success Stories

Insurity Event Response Guide: How to Automate Your Event Response

Employing proprietary and industry research, the guide identifies how insurers can dramatically reduce time spent on event response with intuitive, proactive data analysis

What’s it like to use Insurity Predict?

See how leveraging predictive analytics allows for one P&C insurer to take on more business without taking up more bandwidth

Insurity Selects Larsen & Toubro Infotech as the Strategic Partner and System Integrator for its New Data Warehousing & Analytics Suite, Built on Snowflake

LTI becomes an SI partner for Insurity, enabling profitable risk selection to deliver better combined ratios for P&C insurers.

What is Insurity Analytics?

Insurity Predict

Powered by Valen

Get immediate, data-driven insights when quoting or renewing business with production-ready or calibrated predictive models, plus track and monitor models using real-time leading indicators of performance.

Insurity Geospatial

Powered by SpatialKey and Maprisk

Empower insight with geospatial analytics that make it easy for P&C insurers to assess and manage risk across the policy lifecycle, including access to the largest open network of specialist and hazard data providers.

Valen Data Consortium

Boost your predictive power with the P&C industry’s largest proprietary database of policy, claims, billing, and submission data. With $109 billion in premium, it’s the broadest, deepest consortium purpose-built for predictive analytics.

Insurity Data Depot

Leverage a single source of truth across your organization by standardizing, unifying, and conforming first- or third-party data using the most comprehensive open data model in the industry.

What Makes Insurity Analytics Uniquely Impactful?

Insurity’s cloud-native Data Hub, powered by Snowflake, gives you unparalleled flexibility and access to your internal data, plus proprietary data consortiums and third-party data sources that enable you to make smarter, faster decisions and achieve market-leading ROI.

Data Hub

At the heart of Insurity Analytics is our proprietary and cloud-native Data Hub, powered by Snowflake


Fuel automated and on-demand decisions while accessing any data—your own or 50+ third-party sources—in the right context at the right time 


Embed advanced analytics in any decision workflow for smarter, faster decisions across the policy lifecycle 


Move insights between software systems and take control of your data strategy with our commitment to an open ecosystem: any data, any user, any system

“Data analytics is a key differentiator in how we operate, compete, select risks, and proactively manage our portfolio. With Insurity, we have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams with actionable information to improve risk selection and portfolio performance.”

-Jen Klobnak, Senior Vice President, Operations at RLI

The Largest P&C Data Network with 50+ Third-Party Data Sources

Insurity Analytics includes Valen Analytics, SpatialKey, Maprisk, and DataHouse.

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